Car service


ATST 193 00 Praha 9,Domkovská 1955

Tel.: +420 281 926 797
Mob.: +420 602 317 207


IMPEXTA ČRO s.r.o. 703 00 Ostrava – Vítkovice,Rudná 1118

Tel.: +420 596 781 000
Mob.: +420 608 963 169


A.T. Auto s. r. o. 320 16 Plzeň,Zikmunda Wintra 9 Tel.: +420 377 423 032
Mob.: +420 602 163 497

Hradec Králové

R.S.CAR 503 12 Bříza,Všestaryokres Hr.Králové Tel.: +420 602 406 180

SR – Martin

J.M.Martin 036 01 Martin,Kollárova 85B Tel.: +421 434 289 936

We secure the automobile servicing for all cars of American and Japanese production imported from the US and Canada. There is diagnostic system and technical equipment available for all imported cars from the US and Canada.


The service station is equipped for carrying out the service and repairs of all types of passenger cars. The service station capacity is of 5 stands. It is equipped with the complete diagnostic system and technical equipment necessary for the service and repairs of vehicles, models since 1972 up to the models of the latest production. There is the diagnostic system available for the engine, electric parts, for brakes. In addition, here you have the possibility of adjusting the chassis geometry, tire servicing and of the exhaust gas emission measurements with the SI engines.


Te service station also deals with complete electrical repairs, assemblies of car alarm systems (ENFORCER car alarms) and with the assembly of accessory electrical equipment (car radios, additional headlamps , etc.). There is complete assortment of necessary spare parts available for the following types of repairs being as for the basic part of the assortment in store.

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