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Sale of goods and guarantee terms

The sold vehicles are with the following guarantees: New vehicles are with the guarantees taken from the manufacturers (thus being of 3–5 years or 60,000-120,000 km, individually according to the manufacturer and the type of the vehicle). The vehicles used are with the prolonged guarantee depending on the number of the kilometers made and the age of the vehicle, however of the length given by law as the minimum. Of course, both the guarantee and post-guarantee servicing is secured by us. (See: Automobile Servicing).

Sale guarantees

All vehicles sold by us have been checked both as for the origin (CEBIA, CARFAX), and as for the technical condition. (Vehicles without having suffered any crash, flood, etc.). Any vehicle sold by us have been approved of driving on Czech roads based on the Act No. 56/2001 Coll. as amended.

Securing the approval of technical roadability

In connection with the individual vehicle import from the US or Canadian territories we are able to secure for you all technical formalities, such as for example the import from any EU harbour (Amsterdam, Bremen), customs formalities, technical and emission inspections, approval of the vehicle technical roadability based on the Act No. 56/2001 Coll. (of 8 years as the maximum and meeting the technical requirements resulting from this Act), etc.

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