Propulsion E85

Bioethanol (or bioethanol, ethanol, ethanol, biolique) is currently an increasingly popular type of fuel. Bioethanol is produced from biomass, mainly from plants or residues containing a large amount of starches and carbohydrates. Most often, it is for example corn, grain or potatoes, sugar cane and beet. Bioethanol can then be used directly in combustion engines as a fuel. In practice, however, pure ethanol is not used, it is more often mixed in smaller quantities. It reduces CO2 emissions and reduces the octane number.

The most widespread is Bioethanol in Brazil, as well as in Scandinavia. Bioethanol made from corn is also used as an additive to most automotive gasoline in the USA. Alcohol content in the US is mostly 10%.

Over the last few years, has increased the number of petrol stations on E85 ethanol in the US by 60%. Overall, more than 1,200 petrol stations with E85 ethanol can be used by drivers in the US. In the US, ethanol is becoming more and more popular with the emergence of new models of flexi-fuel cars (cars that can use petrol and ethanol).

In the Czech Republic, ethanol has so far little support. In Europe, most of the ethanol is used in Sweden, but it is expected to expand further. Recently, Czech MPs have approved the addition of several percent of ethanol to gasoline, and plans to extend it to a network of petrol stations during 2009.

If you have a gasoline car and want to drive ecologically, even if it can not be adjusted to drive pure vegetable oil like a diesel engine, it’s not all lost. Several companies have already developed, manufactured and supplied additional units in cooperation to enable each petrol engine to operate on the E85. At present, units are primarily exported to countries where legislation is already needed and E85 fuel is already available at petrol stations. In cases where you often drive to Western Europe, you can refuel E85 fuel, often up to 0,5 EUR (approx. 13 CZK) more cheaply than conventional gasoline, after you have installed the auxiliary unit.

Vehicles with FlexiFuel engine

(For more information on whether your engine can run on E85, contact your dealer or service):

Brand, Model Engine capacity Model year
Audi A4 2,0l 2011-2013
Audi Q5 2,0l 2013
Bentley Continental Flying Spur 6,0l 2013
Bentley Continental GTC 6,0l 2013
Buick LaCrosse 3,6l 2012-2014
Buick Lucerne 3,9l 2009-2011
Buick Regal 2,0l 2009-2013
Buick Regal 2,4l 2009-2013
Buick Terrazza 3,9l 2007
Buick Verano 2,4l 2012-2014
Cadillac ATS 3,6l 2013-2014
Cadillac Escalade 6,2l 2009-2014
Cadillac SRX 3,6l 2012-2014
Dodge Avenger 3,6l 2011-2014
Dodge Caravan 3,3l 2005-2007
Dodge Caravan 3,3l 1998-2003
Dodge Caravan Cargo Van 3,3l 2005-2006
Dodge Dakota 4,7l 2007-2010
Dodge Dart 2,0l 2013
Dodge Durango 3,6l 2011-2014
Dodge Durango 4,7l 2006-2008
Dodge Grand Caravan 3,3l 2005-2010
Dodge Grand Caravan 3,6l 2011-2014
Dodge Charger 3,6l 2011-2014
Dodge Journey 3,6l 2011-2014
Dodge Ram 1500 4,7l 2004-2011
Dodge Stratus 2,7l 2003-2007
Ford Crown Victoria 4,6l 2006-2009
Ford E-series 4,6l 2009-2011
Ford E-series 5,4l 2009-2011
Ford Escape 3,0l 2011-2014
Ford Expedition 5,4l 2009-2014
Ford Explorer 3,5l 2011-2014
Ford Explorer 4,0l 2002-2005
Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4,0l 2004-2005
Ford F-150 3,7l 2012-2014
Ford F-150 5,0l 2012-2014
Ford F-150 5,4l 2006-2010
Ford F-250 6,2l 2011-2014
Ford F-350 6,2l 2011-2014
Ford Focus 2,0l 2011-2014
Ford Fusion 3,0l 2010-2013
Ford Ranger 3,0l 1999-2003
Ford Taurus sedan 3,0l 1995-2006
Ford Taurus wagon 3,0l 2000-2005
Ford Taurus 3,5l 2013
GMC Canyon 5,3l 2010-2011
GMC Savana 3,9l 2007-2009
GMC Savana 4,8l 2011
GMC Savana 5,3l 2010-2013
GMC Savana 6,0l 2011
GMC Sierra 4,8l 2010-2013
GMC Sierra 5,3l 2002-2013
GMC Sierra 6,2l 2010-2011
GMC Sonoma 2,2l 2000-2002
GMC Terrain 3,0l 2011
GMC Yukon 5,3l 2002-2013
GMC Yukon 6,2l 2011-2013
GMC Yukon XL 5,3l 2010-2013
GMC Yukon XL 6,0l 2011
GMC Yukon XL 6,2l 2011-2013
Hummer H2 6,2l 2009-2010
Hummer H3 5,3l 2010
Chevrolet Avalanche 5,3l 2005-2014
Chevrolet Equinox 3,6l 2012-2014
Chevrolet Express 3,9l 2007-2009
Chevrolet Express 4,8l 2010-2011
Chevrolet Express 5,3l 2010-2014
Chevrolet Express 6,0l 2010-2011
Chevrolet HHR 2,2l 2009-2011
Chevrolet HHR 2,4l 2009-2011
Chevrolet Impala 3,5l 2006-2011
Chevrolet Impala 3,6l 2013-2014
Chevrolet Impala 3,9l 2008-2011
Chevrolet Malibu 2,4l 2011-2014
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3,5l 2006-2007
Chevrolet S10 2,2l 2000-2002
Chevrolet Silverado 4,8l 2010-2013
Chevrolet Silverado 5,3l 2002-2007, 2010-2014
Chevrolet Silverado 6,0l 2010-2011
Chevrolet Silverado 6,2l 2009-2013
Chevrolet Suburban 5,3l 2002-2014
Chevrolet Suburban 6,0l 2010-2014
Chevrolet Tahoe 5,3l 2002-2014
Chevrolet Tahoe 6,2l 2009
Chevrolet Uplander 3,9l 2007-2008
Chrysler Aspen 4,7l 2007-2013
Chrysler Sebring 2,7l 2003-2010
Chrysler Town and Country 3,3l 2005-2013
Chrysler Town and Country 3,3l 1998-2003
Chrysler Voyager 3,3l 1998-2003
Chrysler 200 3,6l 2011-2014
Chrysler 300 3,6l 2011-2014
Isuzu 2,2l 2000-2002
Jeep Commander 4,7l 2007-2008
Jeep Grand Cherokee 3,6l 2011-2013
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4,7l 2007-2008
Lincoln Navigator 5,4l 2009-2013
Lincoln Town Car 4,6l 2006-2007, 2009-2011
Mazda B3000 3,0l 1999-2003
Mercedes-Benz C230 2,5l 2007
Mercedes-Benz C240 2WD 2,6l 2005
Mercedes-Benz C300 3,0l 2010-2013
Mercedes-Benz C320 2WD 3,2l 2003-2005
Mercury Grand Marquis 4,6l 2006-2011
Mercury Mariner 3,0l 2010-2011
Mercury Milan 3,0l 2010-2011
Mercury Mountaineer 4,0l 2002-2005
Mercury Sable 3,0l 2002-2004
Nissan Armada 5,6l 2007-2013
Nissan Titan 5,6l 2005-2013
Pontiac Montana SV6 3,9l 2007-2008
Saturn Relay 3,9l 2007
Toyota Sequoia 5,7l 2010-2013
Toyota Tundra 5,7l 2010-2013
Volkswagen Routan 3,6l 2011-2012

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