Choosing a scooter and electric bikes

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Motorro Easymax 125

The scooter is equipped with a four-stroke engine with electronic fuel injection, 13″ wheels and disc brakes. It has a 9.5L tank, LED lighting and keyless start. With a power output of over 10 hp, it ranks among the best scooters in the MAXI 125cc scooter category in terms of price, performance, quality.

58 800 Kč (including VAT)

48 595 Kč (without VAT)

Motorro NCF S

The NCF S is an electric scooter with a modern look that leaves no doubt about its capabilities and performance. It is literally packed with modern technology. The 4300 W electric motor enables a speed of 80 km/h.

94 900 Kč (including VAT)

78 430 Kč (without VAT)

Motorro Gener 810

The Gener model is a beautiful single-seat hobby, fully electric, transport vehicle whose great advantages include an 810 W electric motor from BOSCH and a powerful 24Ah portable Li battery with a charge time of 3-4 hours.

33 900 Kč (including VAT)

28 017 Kč (without VAT)

Motorro Formula 125

A scooter with a perfect Italian design, which boldly claims the Italian culture and its colour combinations.The sporty look is ahead of all competitors.

49 899 Kč (including VAT)

41 239 Kč (without VAT)

Motorro Monza 125

The scooter is suitable for all who are looking for a comfortable vehicle for the city and beyond with a long stepped saddle, a central tunnel, low seat height thanks to which they can comfortably put both feet on the ground.

39 900 Kč (including VAT)

32 975 Kč (without VAT)

Motorro XDV 300

The Motorro XDV 300 scooter is a unique model that combines Adventure style with the true essence of a scooter: its ability to move nimbly, simply and cleanly in big cities.

114 900 Kč (including VAT)

94 959 Kč (without VAT)